Do you have your Old Down Jacket?

If you have got your old down jacket and worrying about it, then don’t worry! We, Navigate have a special scheme for those who simply love Down Jackets. 
We are introducing here mainly three services which you can benefit happily.  

1. Down Repair Service

We are happy to introduce our Down Repair Service. In this Service, you can bring your old Down Jacket to repair. We will examine thoroughly your Jacket and will try to make it as best as possible. Our experienced Masters will help to get your old down Jacket repaired nicely. 
As for the charge, it may vary depending on your condition of your old Jacket.

2. Exchange Down Jacket

Besides Repairing Down Jacket, we have also Exchange scheme with New Down Jackets. In this scheme, we check your old Down Jacket’s condition and then the valuation of the Jacket will be given as per Company’s decision. Afterwards if you want to exchange with new one, then you will have to pay only the remaining amount after the deduction of evaluated amount. But keep in mind that Not every Old Down Jacket you bring will be exchanged! It depends on your Jackets condition and  Company’s final decision.

3. New Order

If you cannot find your matchable sized Down Jackets, don’t worry. We take new orders as per your requirements. You can give your desired size orders also. But keep in mind that for small quantity, we don’t do customized design like removing company’s logo, changing Jackets design. 

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